Become Aware – Exploring the Realities of Mental Health

To inspire conscious engagement with psychological well-being, I trained an Artificial Neural Network to generate visual representations of emotional and mental states. The model was trained on images of all kinds of influencing factors: including working conditions, social contacts and physical health. It visualizes the fluid transitions and dynamic changes in psychological states and individual differences.

Humans are multidimensional. Yet we cannot imagine the multidimensional space in which we vary. Therefor, we cannot grasp the extent to which we are all connected. Using an Artificial Neural Network this multidimensional space can be translated into two-dimensional graphics and videos.

My project aims to clarify that mental health should be understood as a state of equilibrium that must be continuously maintained. A completely and permanently positive state would be an unrealistic goal. It is much more about gaining insights about oneself in order to better deal with negative thoughts and emotions. And in this process, all feelings and thoughts are perfectly fine.

B.A. Graduation Project at HS Mainz