In collaboration with Theresa Jung and Laura Witte, we creatively processed the term schwammig (literal: 'spongy'; meaning 'fuzzy' or 'vague').

Our goal was to look at it from as many perspectives as possible, both in terms of content as well as method. We bundled the results in what we called Schwammbuch (literal: 'sponge book'). Additionally we created a zine using risography, which, when unfolded, reveals a Lappenlegende (literal 'rag legend') that can be used as a poster.

In our creative exploration we used analog as well as digital techniques. From letterpress and gravure experiments, acrylic painting and photography, scanning, vectorizing and 3D graphics of blackboard sponges, steel sponges, natural sponges or rags. Typographically, we worked with uninterrupted stringing of words to describe the method used in the creation of each graphic on each page, separated only by the respective page number.

For the cover of the book, we halved a blackboard sponge and chose the page format accordingly. The coated, glossy paper gives the impression that you could hold the book under water – just like a sponge.

In collaboration with Theresa Jung & Laura Witte.